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What is Restore Hyper Wellness?

Restore is a healthcare facility that primarily focuses on preventing and managing chronic pain, with advanced health services that are backed by scientific research and medical studies. Those services range from: Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy, Compression Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, IV Drip Therapy and Infrared Sauna. Restore Hyper Wellness is located all over the United States, with each location being independently owned and operated. Restore Ranked in the top 100 of the “2023 Franchise 500 Rank” for personal-care businesses. As of 2023, preventive health care continues to grow, so businesses like Restore are in a prime position to dominate the industry. 

How Did Restore Hyper Wellness Originate?

This franchise was born in Austin, Texas several years ago and was founded by CEO Jim Donnelly. Donnelly created Restore for his father who was battling pancreatic cancer at the time. Donnelly and his father started using the restorative modalities in their own home and began noticing drastic improvements in their health. This gave them the idea to put together a model, creating an environment that yields holistic modalities at an affordable rate. This way athletes, Veterans, full time employees, teachers, or even your average Joe could use the Restorative modalities. Jump to the present day and Restore Hyper Wellness now has 210 locations across the United States. Their corporate headquarters is stationed in Austin, Texas and they have been franchising since 2016. The services provided by Restore Wellness in Delray offer the same services that are provided at all other 210 locations. Restore Hyper Wellness continues to grow nationally because of their strong core values, mission, and philosophy.

Core Values, Mission, and Philosophy

Restore Hyper Wellness is the leading retail provider of alternative health and Wellness services in the United States. The Modalities are incredible, and they do a wonderful job at getting prospects in the door. However, to keep clients coming back you must emphasize the consumer experience beyond the physical treatment. This is the overall essence of walking into a Restore Wellness to get your mind right, feed your spirit, and be involved in a community of people who want to see you succeed. This is a philosophy that will never be marketed but is truly the reason people continue to come back. Restore Hyper Wellness can provide an experience in health care that cannot be matched anywhere else. Restore highlights the energy throughout the building constantly. Guests come into Restore looking to recharge from their busy lives. It does not serve them enough to only get the physical treatment done. When team members and guests engage in meaningful conversation along with the physical treatment, it really embodies the highest experience that Restore has to offer. 

Restore Wellness Services

The services offered by Restore Hyper Wellness have a responsibility to provide some of the highest forms of alternative healing on Earth! Restore offers five main core services including compression therapy, infrared sauna, red light therapy, local cryotherapy and whole body cryotherapy. Restore also offers a few other services that must be overseen by Registered Nurses such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and IV Drips. Each service has its own unique way of healing and bringing strength to so many people.

What has been described as a Tesla version of an ice bath, cryotherapy is still relativity misunderstood in the health world. The service exposes the entire body to sub-zero temperatures inside a chamber for up to 3 minutes. Think about walking into a giant freezer and seeing how long you can withstand the cold. Now take that same experience on steroids and you have cryotherapy. Inside the chamber, temperatures can drop from -160 degrees all the way down to -220 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the level you go in. During the treatment your body moves blood from your extremities to your heart and core organs to protect them from the temperatures. Cryotherapy uses your body’s natural fight or flight stresses to improve inflammation, boost energy, and relieve pain (cryotherapy, n.d.).

Red light Therapy also known as photobiomodulation, uses near infrared heat and red-light wavelengths to penetrate your skin on a cellular level. The experience is simple and painless. The guest will enter the room and stand undressed between two giant panels emitting infrared heat and red light for about 10-20 minutes. Red Light Therapy is notorious for reducing inflammation, improving collagen production, increasing mental clarity, and even stimulating hair growth. This service was my personal favorite because of the healing affects it had on my acne scarring.

The Infrared Sauna is very similar to Red light Therapy. It heats your core body temperature directly which differs from normal saunas that heat the air around you. The infrared lamps are designed to detoxify your cells by stimulating metabolic activity. In other words, you are heating your body’s core on a cellular level and releasing toxins from major organs just through sweat. Infrared Saunas can detoxify your body up to seven times more than a regular sauna. The benefits of this service include detoxification, weight loss, boosted immunity, lowered blood pressure, and reduced inflammation. Infrared Saunas are just another example of ground-breaking preventive health care treatments.

Compression Therapy is a fan favorite amongst all who venture into Restore. This service is pretty straightforward, you wrap Normatec boots around each leg and they start compressing and decompressing for the next hour. The service excels at improving lymphatic drainage, improving blood circulation, treating deep vein thrombosis and other lymphedema conditions. Compression Therapy is a very relaxing experience that can be used by just about anyone.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been around since the 1600s and typically was used for deep sea navy divers who contracted compression sickness from ascending too quickly. Only in the last few decades was it revolutionized for consumer consumption and for good reason. The service has you encased in an inflatable chamber breathing 95-100% oxygen for around 60-90 minutes. All while slowly pressurizing the chamber that you are inside of, like what happens while ascending in an airplane. Pressurization is necessary for your cells to better absorb oxygen during treatment. Hyperbaric Therapy is truly one of a kind because it heals your body on a mitochondrial level. The benefits stretch far with this service, from mental clarity, wound healing, improved energy, optimized sleep, increased blood flow and circulation. Hyperbaric treatment is still relatively new in mainstream health but pro athletes such as Lebron James and Joe Namath are bringing awareness to the powerful healing that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can have on so many people.

Restore the very essence of you with IV Drip infusion. Popular amongst many people who come into restore, IV drip Therapy is the process of infusing a liter of fluids packed with vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids. Restore Hyper Wellness offers an extensive IV Drip therapy menu that caters to many different wants and needs. Whether you are committed to reducing cellular damage, supporting muscle health, boosting energy, or simply in need of an immunity boost IV Drip Therapy could be for you. The nurses do a great job at recommending what drip is best for you based on your current energy, mood, health, and mental state. 

The Team at West Delray

I had the pleasure of attending Restore Hyper Wellness in West Delray, located at 9173 W Atlantic Ave, Delray-Beach, Florida.

If you know anything about this location you know that the team at West Delray is unbelievable! Owners Jhoel & Jade, really feed the spirit of Restore Hyper Wellness and Nurses like Abby, Gail, & Rachel are always providing the highest quality of care possible. Other team members like Anna, Cam, and Trevor are always attentive and willing to give their expertise on any treatment you might be seeking. Estheticians, Jordan and Lisa also do a fantastic job !

I cannot say enough great things about this facility. I have never left a session feeling unsatisfied. I also got the best sleep of my life after experiencing services like Cryotherapy, Red light, infrared sauna, compression, and an IV Drip. One of my favorite health modalities has to be cryotherapy. The rush of endorphins you receive after completing a single session is amazing! Check out my experience in the video below !

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