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SeaMoss Gel

SeaMoss Gel

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What is it? 

Sea-moss is a sea vegetable that is found in waters along the rocky Atlantic coasts, we source all of our Sea-moss from the beautiful coastlines of St. Lucia, an island state found in the Caribbean Sea. There are many different types of Sea-moss including: Gold, often called Irish Sea-moss; Purple, which is found in our capsules; and Green. All contain 92 of the 102 minerals and vitamins that the human body is made up of. Sea vegetables like Sea-moss, aid in the elimination of toxic heavy metals and radiation from our bodies. 


Immune System :

Sea-moss may help you fight off common infections and viruses with an abundant amount of vitamins and nutrients such as: magnesium ; vitamin C ; zinc ; iron ; iodine; vitamin B12 & B2; and calcium. 

Gut Health :

Carrageenan in its natural state unprocessed is a bioactive compound found in Sea-moss that acts as a soluble fiber in the digestive tract, slowing down the digestion process entirely. This keeps you fuller in between meals and is a big contributor to why people can see improvement in weight loss while consuming Sea-moss gel.

Skin / Hair / Nails :

Sea-moss is used in skincare products because of its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be applied to the face and used to moisturize skin and eliminate microorganisms that lead to acne.

Thyroid :

Sea-moss is the best dietary source of iodine. The human body needs iodine to make thyroid hormones, hormones that control the body’s metabolism, energy, mood, and proper bone and brain development. Because the body can not make Iodine internally, it’s imperative to find other ways to provide this mineral to the thyroid.  

Mood :

Sea-moss contains minerals that act as energy boosters such as potassium and magnesium. Sea-moss is also full of Vitamins: E; A; C; D; & K which can help improve your mood or energy over time.   


 For decades sea moss has been used to boost immune function and aid in digestion.

  • The recommend usage is 1-2 tbsp a day
  • Put into smoothies, applesauce, juices or use as a face mask.
  • The Gel is best consumed within 3-4 weeks upon opening 
  • If you're taking iodine medication consult with your physician before taking Irish Sea moss gel, Sea-moss is naturally high in iodine 





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Nick Karambellas

I was skeptical but I got over the taste fairly quickly and I LOVE THIS STUFF NOW, CMOS FOR LIFE


Sea-Moss Gel


Sea-Moss & Ionized Water